Interview with Hutch Dano

In "Zeke and Luther" you played the role of Zeke Falcone, a talented skateboarder. Are you keen on skateboarding also in real life? If not, what are your favourite sports and activities?

Unfortunately, not. While I did skate for a little bit, I preferred surfing in high school. As I get older, the time I would spend surfing is usually taken up by my interest in art and painting.

Apart from being an actor, you are also a talented abstract painter. Your paintings are mostly connected with nature, but there are also works like "Robot Revolution" or "Curiosity". What are your main inspirations as an artist?

My main inspirations are Jackson Pollock and Jean-Michel Basquiat. I also love Mark Rothko.

A lot of people still find abstract painting weird and really difficult to explain. How people should read abstract paintings to understand them well in your opinion?

The reason I do abstract art is because it doesn't necessarily need to be understood. I just hope it makes people feel something.

You and Matt Shapira are the writers of the thriller "Sunflower", which tells the story of the disappearence of a writer called George Boulangé and the investigation about this case. When did you come up with an idea of making this project?

Matt Shapira had the idea and we worked on the script together, I'm hoping it comes out in 2017.

Next year we will see you in the horror movie about Bigfoot called "Hoax". I know that you cannot tell much before the premiere, so I want to ask you about something else: What are your favourite memories connected with watching horror movies? Do you like this genre?

Watching the original "Nightmare on Elm Street" films with my dad. I love this genre. Horror movies are my absolute favorite.

You participate in many projects connected with both acting and painting, you also started selling special t-shirts with Dano's signature. What can we expect from you in the future - more acting, more painting or maybe something completely different?

I have three project in post productions, "Behind the Walls", "Sunflower", and "Hoax". As well as a guest star on CBS' series "Training Day". I look forward to doing more acting, painting and expanding my clothing line.