Frequently Asked Questions

We want to make your experience with Dano's Gallery as easy and confusion free as possible.  Purchasing online is easy, but purchasing original artwork isn't the same as purchasing a printed photo from a mega retailer.  Or maybe you visited this page because you are a fan of Hutch Dano's acting work?  Here are some of the answers you've been looking for!

We ship worldwide. 

We ship worldwide. 

Shipping FAQ

1. Can you ship a painting?      The answer is yes! We ship worldwide. 

2. I bought a painting last week, why isn't is here yet?    Shipping artwork isn't quite the same as shipping merchandise. Before we can wrap and ship your package we need to ensure the painting is completely dry.  Due to the nature of Hutch's work, some pieces take longer than others.  While we try our absolute best to get your purchase shipped out as soon as possible, please allow 2-4 weeks for shipment of a pre made piece of artwork.  Allow up to 6 weeks for the shipment of a commissioned piece. 

3. I want to purchase a painting for gift and it may not be here in time. What do I do?   We do everything we can to work with our customers.  Simply shoot us an email and explain your deadline, and we will do our very best to get it out in time for your special event.  

4. I received a notice from the Post Office in my country saying that there are fees due, why is that?      While we cover shipping charges, we are not responsible for Customs fees and taxes incurred on an international purchases.   Please keep these in mind prior to ordering. 

Refund Policy

We do not offer refunds on purchases, All Sales are Final.  

If your painting arrives damaged and cannot be repaired, we will offer to replace it with a piece of similar size and value, a commission specifically painted to resemble the damaged piece. 

If your merchandise arrives damaged, simply contact us with a photo of the damage and we will replace it immediately.

If your purchase does not arrive, we will arrange replacement once our shipper has concluded their investigation and has confirmed it was in fact lost or stolen.  

We DO NOT offer refunds based on buyers remorse, or dislike of the artwork once it arrives.   


Customer Service FAQ

1. I've been talking with Hutch on Instagram.  I'd rather just deal with him directly. Why do I need to shoot an email if I have questions or concerns?  Hutch loves talking directly with customers and we consider many of our long time customers friends.  However, while Hutch paints, handles sales, acts, writes, produces, directs, and still manages to find time for family, he can't be everywhere.  That's where Bri comes in.  Bri handles shipping, customer service, business inquiries, art show planning, and all the details in between.  If you leave Hutch a message he may not get it right away,  if you send Bri an email, she will definitely get back to you as soon as possible.  

2. My painting arrived damaged, what do I do?    We do our absolute best to ensure your painting arrives in pristine condition but somethings are out of our control.  If your painting arrives damaged follow these steps:   Take a photo of the damaged painting and email it to us immediately.  We will send you a prepaid return label.  Wrap the painting in the original packing materials and place it back in the packaging. Print and affix the emailed label and send it back.  Once we receive it we will repair it and send it back to you.  If the painting is received beyond repair, we will contact you to discuss replacing it.

3. I had hoped by purchasing a painting, it would give me personal access to Hutch,  but now I feel like he just talked to me to sell a painting.    Some times people have unrealistic expectations of how a business relationship with a celebrity works. so we want to make sure that no one misunderstands or feels used.   We love and value all our customers and we consider many of them friends.  Unfortunately, between painting and sales, as well as his other business and personal pursuits, Hutch just doesn't have to ability to talk to everyone all the time.  Please don't take this personally or feel as though you were being used in someway.  We run a business and that entails a lot.  Trust me we love hearing from you and we always do our best to interact with you when we can.  

4. Does Hutch support any charity events?  Will He support mine with a donation or appearance?   Hutch's designated charities are listed on our charities page.  You may submit an inquiry via that page as we occasional donate to additional verified charities throughout the year.  

5. I am a fan of Hutch's since his time on  Zeke & Luther.  Can I contact him here?   Hutch loves to hear from his fans.  You are welcome to send an email message to him.  Please understand that we receive a lot of these messages.  We can not always reply to messages, but Hutch does see them all.  However, Messages that simply say "Hello" with nothing else, or that come with imbedded links are automatically deleted.  Also, please keep in mind that these emails are reviewed by others before being passed onto Hutch.  Emails containing inappropriate content or questions will be deleted.  


6. What Projects does Hutch have in the works?  Information regarding Hutch's upcoming movie and television projects can be found by visiting his profile or watching for announcements on his social media.   Art Events and personal appearances can be found HERE in our events page. 

7.  I have a script I want Hutch to read and pass on to people in the business,  If I buy a painting will he do that?  We know that everyone has artistic endeavors that they one day hope to see come to fruition.  While you're always welcome to email us a script, please understand that purchasing a painting does not buy you access to members of the entertainment community.  We do not pass on scripts, industry contact information or guarantee you anything other than a beautiful piece of art and great customer service experience.  If you would like more information on how to sell a script in Hollywood from a reputable and trusted business, offers classes and workshops on everything from screenwriting to obtain representation with a reputable agent to sell your work.